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Monday, 12 April 2010

How much calories you have to consume building muscle mass and burning body fat?

How much calories you have to eat? This is the one of the most prevalent question of eating. The answer depends on your current purposes. If your purpose escalating of strength and muscle mass, it means, you have to eat much more, than in case fat burning only.
If your target is to become stronger and to have more muscle mass, you must consume more calories than you burn. Growing strength and muscle, your weight and fatty layer grow too.
Many bodybuilders want to reduce percentage of fat and continue to increase muscles at the same time. You cannot lose weight as quickly as you would completely concentrate on fat burning. And you cannot increase these muscles as quickly, as in case if the weight gain would be main target for you.
The weight of bodybuilders does not change but the structure of their bodies does. It means that percentage of body fat decreases and the person becomes brawnier and dry, e.g. "lean". The fat itself do not turn to muscles. There are two main processes such as a mass gain and a fat burning.
If your aim is to burn fat, then you need to burn more calories than you eat. Eventually, during the fat burning process, most people lose weight and something of muscle mass too.
As soon as you are defined with the target, you can calculate a number of calories, which you need to eat every day, using simple formulas. The main parameter is Body Mass. It is very important parameter.
Remember, that you can use these formulas only for rough calculation Try to stay on this number during the week or two and analyse the results rather you have a progress. If you have not get the positive result and your weight has not changed yet, modify the number of calories on 200-500 more or less depend on your target. This process can take few weeks.
In case of weight gain, formula is Body Mass x 44. For example, if you have 84 kilogram of body weight, you have to consume not less than, approximately, 84 x 44 = 3700 calories a day.
In case of to keep weight on the same level, formula is Body Mass x 39. You have to consume, approximately, 84 x 39 =3330 calories a day.
In case of weight loss, formula is Body Mass x 34. You need to consume less than 84 x 34 =2856 calories a day.
As any other dynamic process, your weight alteration process demands updating. For example, you work on fat burning direction during two weeks without any result. In this case you must reduce daily amount of calories on 200-500. Apart from that the weight changes, and then the number of calories, which you have to consume, also changes to one or another side. After that, as you made a correction, you have to watch your weight during another couple of weeks. If again you do not get any result, you need a new modification and so on.
Calculate consumed calories permanently in order to know dependence between your weight alteration and number of calories, consumed daily.