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Monday, 12 April 2010

Building muscles for beginners. Part 2

At the beginning the muscle builders are not in condition to feel a body and therefore often exceed a measure in loadings. As the result of it is a likely condition of a muscular exhaustion. To manage it you need efforts. Even if you use special medicines you can come back to weight training not earlier than through a month and a half. To avoid tiredness, you should follow the recommendations:
1. to take a bath or a hot shower. This procedure increases a blood circulation and allows muscles relax;
2. After training it is necessary to do self-massage and, if it is possible, deep a entire body massage (at least once a week);
3. After excessive loadings, it is necessary to begin training with easy weight. Do it no more than 1-2 approaches in each exercise.
Serious traumas in bodybuilding happen seldom, however it is necessary to understand rules, that your training was not subject of pointless risk to your colleagues or your lives.
First of all, a crossbeam has to have locks. Each lock weighs approximately 2,5 kilogram. You have to take in the account this weight for calculation of entire weight.
Secondly, you have to use racks. If you carry out the strength program, be necessarily insured by the partner and the trainer. Be especially cautious on the performance of presses.
For your best achievements you have to pay serious attention to food you consume. In general opinion a main meal of bodybuilders consists of mostly from meat. It is not true. Many of bodybuilders do not use meat products at all.
They deliver protein to an organism with milk, beans and nuts. If you do not have anything against a beef, chicken meat or fish, they necessarily should be present at your daily meals. On a regular basis you have to eat fruits and vegetables. Also you have to include in daily norm the products containing vegetative fats (for example, nuts).
High-quality the food, you have to eat, necessarily has to contain as much vitamins and micro elements as possible. Try to make food various and eat more than 3 times a day, 5-6 times even better.
Drink mineral water during the day, approximately, 2-3 litres depends of your body weight. Avoid white bread, cakes, biscuits etc., sweet dishes, fats, alcohol, hot spices and too much salt.
Building muscles mass will not be without high-quality rest. It is necessary to pay special attention to a sleep time. If you do not manage to have a sleep normally before day of training, you can expect over training.
In an initial stage of bodybuilding it is better to forget about evening temptations watching TV within several months and go to bed in time. You should understand how important to have a high-quality a sleep time.
There are two types of warm-ups in bodybuilding. First one is before the beginning of training: jumps, straightening, knee-bend with jumps, etc. The second one is during of exercise program. Warm-up is necessary to prepare muscles for exercise with weights. Attempt to make exercise on a "cold" muscle usually ends with a trauma.
The bodybuilder adds approximately 3-4 kilogram of muscle mass a year within first two-three years of trainings. Later it is no more, than 2-3 kilogram: speeds of increase in muscles mass are slowdown. Growth of muscles depends on many factors and it is difficult to force.
So if you are a new and just thinking to build your muscle mass you have to understand all rules of bodybuilding, be careful with weight training and better to start with local place with professional training, who help you with making your individual program and support you with correct workouts.