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Sunday, 11 April 2010

Building muscle for beginners. Part 1

Bodybuilding is a system of physical exercises with various weights (dumbbells, burdening, a crossbeam, etc.), having for an object a muscle development. You can do muscle training exercises in gym or outdoors as well as with a gymnastic simulator at your own home.
The dominating bodybuilding tendency is to give body beauty due to increase vigour of muscles. This is some kind of physical preparation, which spread wide enough among people, leading a healthy life style, especially among men. Though there are a sufficient number of women as well.
Bodybuilding is a dangerous kind of physical sport, and experts advise to build muscle mass strictly following by major principles, especially at the foundation stage.
Constant increase in load of weights is the best method to increase muscle mass. There can appear an additional problem such as an increase of progressing influence of the training to the muscles. It is connected with their adaptation to loading, and muscular growth slowdown.
To resolve this problem need to decrease a break between approaches. If for the beginning an interval between approaches takes about 60 seconds or more, then you have to decrease it till 10-15 seconds. For those, who just have begun to build muscle mass, the increase in quantity of recurrences in the approach is the first method of progress.
It is necessary to train three times a week every other day. The one day between workouts will be enough that the body had a break and strengths have completely come back. Then, depending on your success, the quantity of trainings will depend on an exercise program. But there is no necessity to hurry event. Standard initial training lasts 40 - 45 minutes.
It is necessary to carry out the particular training program no more than one and a half month, because you have to avoid accustoming muscles to exercises. However, there are exceptions. If we speak about beginners, then it is necessary to change the exercise program as often as possible. Otherwise it leads to boredom and physical exhaustion.
Correctly to do muscle training exercise means to place only those receptions, which are stipulated in your program. For example, if you look at the beginners, how they do rises on a biceps. They do it with a big degree of difficulty and they start to help itself by a body or legs. It cannot be done by this way. It is necessary to choose such weight which allows overcoming it only by strength of biceps.
Other criterion of performance correctness is to do it without pushes and delays. Any sharp movement has inertia which "eats" a part of weight.
The end of part 1.

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