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Monday, 28 February 2011

Why Herbal Teas are good for you

If you don’t want water, then herbal tea is for you. Herbal Teas has been here for so many years. With its popularity, Herbal Teas are now known to be the 2nd most favorite drink. Herbal Tea is known to be part of China and India's food culture and now pass on to different culture and nations. Herbal Teas are known for many health benefits such as stress buster; prevents cancer and stomach disorders, cure heart ailments and stroke.

With the different variety of herbal teas nowadays there had been numerous scientific studies regarding herbal teas. Herbal teas are less in caffeine; with this benefit lots of herbal tea drinkers prefer drinking teas than sodas and coffee. Considering taking a cup of tea in your daily diet can contribute a lot of difference with your health.

With the use of herbs for conventional component to treat diseases is now widely known. One of it is by drinking herbal teas. Although it did take a while before many of us accepted that by drinking tea can actually help prevent and cure numerous diseases.

Smokers are prone to lung cancer. Japanese who often drink teas are less prone to lung cancer by half the rate with those people who are less tea drinkers.

Teas somehow prevent tooth decays and loss of teeth. Teas contain certain amount of fluoride and some certain antibiotic that prevent gum diseases and formation of plaque.

Herbal teas help relieve pressures from our body. Taking herbal teas at least 30 minutes before you sleep would help relax your mind and internal organs and gives you a good night sleep. Probably it’s because teas are rich in antioxidant.

Teas somehow help to lose weight and improve cardiovascular system, blood circulation and lower the cholesterol level by increasing body metabolism. Studies show that after eating, drink a cup of tea and it can help digest food easily and reduce acids that cause stomach disorder.

Immune system should be strong and healthy in order to regenerate cell that helps repair damage cells. Herbal teas help to strengthen body cells that somehow can prevent you from flu or any lung illnesses.

Although most people generally choose to drink green tea since that it has more medicinal benefits than other teas. Herbal Teas are now widely available to consumers in different flavor that suits their tastes. With its availability, more people are now into healthy living.

Drink at least five cups of green tea daily. In green tea there is something called antioxidant catechins and studies have shown that they help to burn fat. This simple step will burn off an extra eight calories daily. If you skip one soda pop at one meal each day you will save yourself just over eight calories daily. This may not seem like much but over a period of a year its three thousand calories you will into consume. If you really need to snack then eat a pickle, these have only one calorie each and so are a great low cal snack. Although this will sound awful you should not eat with fat friends. Yes, it’s difficult to refuse to go out for a meal with someone you like to hang around with simply because they are a heavy person. But the truth is they eat a lot and you know you will eat more than you should every time you have a meal with them.

Herbal Tea is a great gift to us. With its numerous healing wonders we should take advantage of this. In this time of life, most people are trying to find ways to look for something that can help people heal from diseases in natural ways without hurting financial budget. In fact teas can prolong life with its wondrous power. Herbal teas can have different effects to people but with this discovery we have nothing to lose and it’s worth a try.