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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The Benefits of Eating Organic Foods

Life is short; we need to make a move to further prolong our lives. Eating the right food will surely enhance our health and extend our existence. Humans must discover the great benefits of being organic by eating and drinking properly produced foods according to the standards of organic food harvesting and making, once a product is labelled organic, it is certainly a genuine food. Organic foods wouldn’t instantly make you healthier, hence it will greatly help attain a more salubrious you.

Organic foods are not treated with any chemicals like pesticides, which are widely used to other foods to defeat weeds and pests. Those that are not marked organic roughly bears 25% of chemical residue. Without all those, it makes the food more flavorful and richer in taste. When buying organic foods choose those that are organically labelled, pick only the freshest. These types of good foods are oft in season. Well organic vegetables and fruits are rightly picked often veggie-crisps and juicy. Cheese and milk seems to be fuller in taste and savory. There is no trouble in eating non-organic, but would you like eating those that are treated and not well dealt?

Genetically Modified foods are not accepted in organic foods. There is still known effect in the long run. Better yet avoid them. Organic foods are rich in vitamins and minerals, which makes it more nutrition. The purest food are labeled organic, it is good for your babies and for the sick. For these types of persons, they need the most virgin type of foods for proper growth and fast development. No worries when it comes to artificial flavorings, artificial colorings, preservatives, sweeteners and hydrogenated fats. The safest and most natural foods are those organic.

Feel better, feel light, feel guiltless and feel environmental friendly. Yes, besides the fact of giving your self and your loved ones a good splurge in eating, you are also giving the earth the best turn in choosing them. Organic farming promotes hedgerow planting, prevents soil erosion and preserves wildlife.

Ditch those processed foods and say hello with organic foods. After learning all the benefits of good and pure foods, we must start buying organic products. It doesn’t necessarily mean you should buy all organic food at once, try exchanging few of those foods in your kitchen one by one. Slowly it will show its difference. Start by those foods regularly taken like milk, veggies and fruits. Every food that you can think always has its organic counter part, like pizza, pasta and chicken. Just don’t for get to look for the “Organic” label. Your super market will surely have lots of stocks. These healthy foods may cost a little bit pricier than your usual brand. Hence, the benefit is well worth its price. With its many benefits, organic foods definitely prolongs life.

Vegetables are foods that not everyone enjoys eating. Many people do not know the benefits of these greens or tend to neglect the healthful gains vegetables can give them. This is especially true with children. Since, they are still not conscious of their healths, their parents or guardians should be able to take the move and introduce veggie diet in to their meals at a very early age.

Why vegetables? Basically, vegetables contain the vitamins and minerals our body needs to help prevent and combat sickness and also, to help lose excess weight. They are low in calories, fat and sodium but are rich in fiber, which is known to help control weight, prevent diseases and relieve constipation. They also contain phytochemicals, which are said to provide protection against chronic diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases and they are believed to deter premature aging.

Most antioxidants are found in vegetables. Broccoli, celery, cucumber, peas, beans, cabbage, cauliflower and asparagus are just a few vegetables that provide antioxidants. Researches show that a diet rich in antioxidants reduce the risk of developing cataracts, bronchitis and diabetes among many other chronic diseases. Increasing vegetable consumption gives the body more than enough antioxidant to make our body strong and builds our resistance against common illnesses. The risk for heart attack is reduced by 30 percent with an increased vegetable intake.

Vegetables which are high in fiber help manage weight. These vegetables keep the stomach feel full, thus, limiting our food consumption. This is a very good way to avoid eating more than we need in a day. Some of the greens that are high in fiber include lettuce, spinach, kale leaves, Broccoli and zucchini. In stead of junk foods, it is best recommended to take a bite of fresh Broccoli and other greens to keep you full for longer periods.

Vitamins and minerals in certain vegetables also supply our body with the necessary nutrients that help boost the production of energy in our muscle cells, which also helps us to burn energy on a daily basis.

Because vegetables have low sodium content, they aid in reducing water gain, as well. Not many are aware that sodium causes water to be stored in the body's intestinal parts. An average person is believed to be holding about 5 pounds of water due to a lavish intake of sodium. People get excessive sodium intake by eating fast food products. On the other hand, if one reduce sodium consumption per day, there will be a significant reduction in water within the abdominal area, which will then result to weight loss. Consuming large amount of vegetables will provide the body just enough amount of sodium it requires.

One should not worry no matter how much vegetables he or she eats. Vegetables are low in both calories and fats. So, there is no limit as to how many of these foods you consume in a day. These are the kind of food that you need not restrict in your diet.